Dividing spaces Cyprus | Room divider | Wall partitions | Moveable walls

Our moveable walls/re-locatable partitions are forms that serve to divide a building’s room and they can be joined together section by section or as one unit. Our wall partitions provide privacy and noise reduction. Depending on the model, they can be stacked, folded or on wheels enabling mobility and ease of storage.

As one of the world's most renowned suppliers, DORMA Huppe offers intelligent systems for interior design. High-quality partitioning solutions for conferences, offices, showrooms, banks, etc. are designed by professionals using the latest technologies. DORMA Huppe offers its customers elegant and sophisticated movable wall systems to organize their space. These systems combine fire safety and acoustic resistance.

Variflex 100 | Dividing spaces

With clever technology and a multitude of intelligent details the Variflex is a unique glass partition system that is used for dividing spaces. The adjustable track system can be fitted in all spaces even the smallest ones and its design offers an elegant aesthetic. The Dorma Huppe Variflex glass dividing spaces can also have a range a wide range of acoustic insulation.

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Variflex 88 Dividing spaces

Variflex 88 has been developed in order to offer more convenience and easy installation.
Its weight has been reduced increasing this way the structural benefits. With optimized profiles and sealing strips it offers acoustic insulation up to 58db.

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SKYFOLD | Room divider | Moveable walls

The conformation of your space is very important. With the exclusive series of Dorma Huppe Skyfold room divider operable walls you can achieve the result you have dreamt of. The room divider folding systems (Moveable walls) are completely automatic and can be customized. With turkey operation the can retract into a ceiling cavity.

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