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Our company located in Cyprus, Larnaca has the ideal hotel room safe for your lodging facility. Our safes ( hotel room safe, In-room safes, elsafe )are equipped with an array of conveniences for your guests, from standard to high-end.

Guests should feel comfortable and safe in their room. Security and locking solutions such as electronic in-room safes in the interior of a hotel room must be consistent with the facilities' aesthetics while performing their most important task: protecting a guest's valuables.

Elsafe Infinity II | In-room Safes | Hotel room safe

The Elsafe Infinity II is a new era in in-room safes and hotel room safe. This Elsafe series combines sophisticated technology in hotel room safe ( safes for hotels ) along with fashionable design. It is the ultimate in-room safe for the design conscious, with its silky, stylized design and high-tech neon blue digital keypad. Infinity II in-room safe is compatible with the ASSA Abloy global solution's platform and with VingCard RFID locks as well.


  • Available PIN-code or RFID contactless operation
  • UL- 1037 certified for physical strength and security
  • Low battery warning
  • Ergonomic design and deadbolt mechanism
  • Blue LED display for clear visible numbers (6 digits)
  • Available in Black, Gold or White Gloss with Blue Back lit keypad (pin pad only)
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Elsafe Sentinel II | Safes for Hotels

ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions goes beyond the ordinary with the Elsafe Sentinel II in-room safe series. Antonis Mastris Ltd has taken in-room security to a new level and combined it with an attractive design.


  • UL-1037 certified for physical strength and security
  • Attractive ergonomic design with easy maintenance
  • Available PIN-code or RFID contactless operation
  • Flash memory
  • Deadbolt mechanism
  • Unique triangular locking bolt enforcement
  • Accommodates up to 17” laptop models
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Elsafe Zenith (In-wall, In-drawer, Floor and Shelf)

Choosing an in-room electronic safe is easy when you have our Elsafe Zenith as an option to secure your users’ belongings. Due to it's features Zenith’s advanced and economical security, is complete with the industry’s leading audit trail system that allows you to print out comprehensive report on all in-room safe activities.

Zenith is available in three different sizes to complement your rooms regardless of style and need.


  • Industry leading audit trail (500 events) : Flash memory
  • Re programmable configuration
  • ADA compliant telephone style keypad : 4-digit code
  • LED display for clear visible numbers : Green back-lit keypad
  • Accommodates up to 17” laptop in certain models
  • Supports IR communication
  • In wall, In drawer, Floor and Shelf Safe Models available
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