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Antonis Mastris Hotel Locking Systems are designed to offer maximum comfort, key-less operation and new options in design characterize this innovative technology. Smart, secure and easy to install, our hotel locks ( VingCard, Assa Abloy) combine maximum security and design.
Let us take you to the next level of connectivity with your hotel guests.

Key card Locking Systems
• Mechanical Locks
• Electronic Locks
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ASSA ABLOY Hospitality has products installed in more than 42,000 properties worldwide, securing in excess of 7 million hotel rooms. It continues to use advanced technology to offer security and peace of mind to both hospitality providers and their guests. ASSA ABLOY Hospitality’s extensive international network covers more than 166 countries. ASSA ABLOY Hospitality is part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, the world’s leading provider of locking solutions. ASSA ABLOY is a publicly listed Swedish company traded on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Currently, the ASSA ABLOY Group has around 44,000 employees and annual sales of over SEK 57 billion. ASSA ABLOY Hospitality has been at the forefront in driving key innovation within the hospitality industry by providing hotels with products that increase guest satisfaction thereby increasing their overall value.

Electronic Locks

VingCard Classic RFID Lock

Classic RFID offers the latest Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and the quickest path to go contactless if you currently have standard Classic VingCard electronic locks installed.
• Ideal for: Retrofits/Upgrades of old magnetic stripe
• Classic locks to a modern platform
• Mobile Access compatible RF
• Online capability (wireless) RFID reader technology, no moving reader parts and less maintenance

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VingCard Signature RFID Lock

The VingCard Signature RFID provides you with a stylish lock that appeals to a contemporary environment. Signature RFID gives you less hardware on the door while giving more functionality to you and your users.
• Ideal for: New Construction/ Retrofits and new installations
• Provides a wide range of design options for handles
• Mobile Access compatible
• RF Online capability (wireless)
• Power over Ethernet Online capability (wired)

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VingCard E100 Lock

The VingCard E100 with RFID reader is compatible with your VingCard Vision line system. With a wide range of escutcheons for different regions and cylinder profiles, the E100 can be used with a variety of standard and narrow profile lock cases. The range is suitable for both guest room doors and back of house applications where the door types can vary.

• Compatible with a wide range of lock cases; narrow style (backset down to 40mm) suitable for aluminum framed glass doors, hood bolt lock cases suitable for sliding doors.
• Easy to use for retrofitting other locks
• The premium version can be used for doors that are part of escape routes
• The premium version can be used for fire doors and smoke control doors
• Good resistance towards corrosion

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VingCard Essence Lock

The new VingCard Essence gives you more advanced technology, making the industry’s most unique and functional locking system smarter than ever before. The sleek and minimalistic design blends well with any hotel décor, as the lock boasts a stylish reader and its electronics are housed inside the door. VingCard Essence is now available with both wireless online capabilities and ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Mobile Access, so doors can be opened via a digital access key on a guest’s smartphone or watch.

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VingCard Allure Lock

VingCard Allure is a highly innovative electronic locking solution with a unique, flexible design and more features available in a locking system than ever before. Created with the elegant designer in mind, the concept and technology is refined, contemporary and intuitive.
Based on VingCard RFID locking platform, Allure includes a variety of wall panels that give designers freedom of choice with a state-of-the-art, design-centric hardware and software solution. Allure integrates the most advanced contactless locking solutions into its interior electronics, including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) compatible locking technology. It is also fully compatible with the Visionline online solution and ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Mobile Access.

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VingCard Novel Lock

The brand new VingCard Novel lock is the future of electronic locks.
For hotels, educational institutions or residencies Novel is a minimal, modern and powerful product.
The battery-free operation option and mobile access make it special and innovating.
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can select between classic or customized finish.

• RFID Technology
• Fire Tested and EN Certified
• ANSI BHMA Certified
• Battery free operation and mobile access option
• Compatible with Vostio Software

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Mechanical Locks

Cylinders and Keys

Bathroom Locks

Finishes and Handles

Standard Handles

Offering one of the largest varieties of style and handle combinations in the industry, electronic lock series for Signature and Classic can be configured to truly match the design of any property. Escutcheon and handles below refer to both magnetic stripe/combo and RFID locks.

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Valli and Valli Handles

Hotels may choose from an extensive selection of door hardware solutions that offer eye-catching designer appeal with a luxurious touch. The product range includes 20 handle models and 10 finishes that are compatible with VingCard Allure, VingCard Essence and VingCard Signature door lock solutions.

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Ilavio Handles

Through a huge product range Ilavio combines security, quality and design. At Antonis Mastris Ltd we can supply you with products of this range such as door handles, lever handles & pull knobs.

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System and Software

Vision Line Software

VISIONLINE software system is a wireless locking solution that allows electronic hotel locks to operate in online mode through Radio Frequency .
VISIONLINE by VingCard is the ideal solution for the most demanding properties.
Add value for yourself, your property and your guests and experience improved daily operations and benefits. Choose between the standard offline version and the more advanced online version providing the most flexible and feature rich system in the industry.
VISIONLINE by VingCard can also be integrated with other property systems. By controlling access, storage and energy from one central point, the result is a highly secure, cost effective and seamless property.
• More Security and Control
• More Services to your Guests
• More Efficient Front Desk Operations
• More Efficient Maintenance

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Vostio Software

For our continuous development we are keeping up with the latest technologies in the field of electronic locks.
Vostio software system is cloud-based system. This means that there is no need for local servers’ routine backups and associated costs.
Vostio by VingCard gives you access to control all types of buildings remotely and 24/7. It is always operational, updated and complies with the data privacy policy.
• Secure cloud-based storage and backups
• Easy installation and remote monitoring
• Easy troubleshooting and management control
• 24/7 availability

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Mobile Access

ASSA ABLOY Hospitality’s Mobile Access allows hotel guests and busy travelers to completely skip the queue and save time. Check-in can be done autonomously depending on what solution you employ.
VingCard’s latest generation of Classic and Signature RFID locks are both compatible with Mobile Access. The only thing that needs to be added is a small Bluetooth Low Energy board to the lock. It is also possible to install Mobile Access with older versions of lock systems. You can keep most of the lock’s hardware and simply upgrade the reader electronics to the latest RFID version and add the Bluetooth Low Energy board.
The latest version of VISIONLINE is required with a Mobile Access license option. It connects securely to the cloud-based ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Mobile Access Services.

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Key Cards

Mag-Stripe Keycards
We offer a complete range of mag-stripe keycards, which also allows you to personalize the card with information about your hotel or use it as an advertising space for third parties.

A Wide Range of RFID (Contactless) Carriers
We offer a variety of RFID carriers that are specially designed for different applications (for guests, staff or VIP guests) and give you the opportunity to enhance your guests’ experience at your hotel.

Custom Keycard Imprinting
With our custom keycard program, VingCard keycards can open doors to more than just your hotel locks. With a customized impression, your keycards can be a useful tool to promote your property or property facilities, such as restaurants and shops, let your guests know about special events or advertise local businesses or theme parks, and promote your chain or your suppliers. The possibilities are endless.

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Energy Control Units

We offer a variety of energy control units, the perfect combination to provide in-room comfort to your guests, while saving energy and money when guests are not in their room.
Our in-room energy control units are compatible with the same VingCard room keycard, and are able to differentiate guest keycards and staff keycards.

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Remote Controllers

The VingCard Remote Controller is fully compatible with VingCard electronic locking systems and provides access control on common doors, such as vehicle barriers, health clubs, conference suites, staff entrances, guest night entrances and more. Our remote controller is a beneficial supplement for when regular locks are not suitable.

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Elevator Controllers

The RFID Elevator Controller for VISIONLINE and Vision systems is designed to fit into elevator panels and can be operated offline or online.
The security level of the hotel will increase, as only guests with a valid keycard will have access to the elevators.

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