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Whether you are building, converting or updating, Antonis Mastris' systems give you the advantage of our products' high quality and our employees' consulting experience.

We support your projects with scheduling, maintenance and support and installation services by our specialized technicians, which means that you can be confident that anything will be identified and remedied at an early stage.

Signage Study & Scheduling

Vista Sign Schedule

Wayfinding and signage system is the system that guides people in the right direction and helps them understand the conformation of a space.
These days and with the architectural complexity, signage and way finding system is very important in order to make life easier especially in commercial areas, healthcare and transportation facilities.
Vista System launches an innovative service for architects and designers. Special software provides a complete signage and orientation program specification, including interior and exterior signage.
With a big range of products and a variety of materials, fonts, braille system technology, sizes and colors Vista is the most comprehensive and visually stunning signage solution you will find.

Ironmongery Scheduling

In order to carry out our above mentioned services, we need to have

  1. up-to-date architectural floor plans,
  2. outline of door types,
  3. fire-compartment analysis
  4. interior designer brief of designs and finishes
  5. requirements of Hotel Operator (e.g. Hotel Chain’s requirements) if applicable.
    We carry out preliminary meetings with the Architect, Interior Designer and Project Manager in order to gather all necessary information so that our services meet the hotel’s requirements and owner’s vision.

Our ironmongery specialists will

  1. put together and keep updated the full door schedule of the building. The door schedule will
    a. give a unique number for each door (internal or external)
    b. have all details for each door (eg. Location, description of function of door, handing, material, fire-rating, swing, method of activating door, ref. to HWE sets etc).
    c. become the common reference document for all design professionals, engineers and installers; this ensures essential co-ordination and smooth development of supply, installation and spot-checking of each door.
  2. prepare a set of hardware suitable of the operation and design of each door (the HWE set analysis)
  3. present the customer a list of all hardware to be used in the building, together with a proposed set of spares
  4. specify each product in the list of hardware (analytically indicating various EN standards which the hardware must meet, as appropriate)
  5. give an indicative budget cost for the supply of ironmongery
  6. create a master-key plan for master-key locks and cylinders
  7. put together the electronic lock requirements of the building
  8. supply for use by the electrical engineering consultants of the hotel the requirements for electrical or online wiring for the solution to be applied
  9. prepare documents with which the hotel can go out to tender for the supply of ironmongery
  10. assist the QS of the hotel to evaluate tenders from various suppliers.

Cost implications

  1. The above services are free for clients who purchase their requirements from us.
  2. In the event that a client wishes to simply purchase our above services, then there will be a charge depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Execution of supply
Should a client decide to purchase their requirements from us, then we will

  1. supply the installers with necessary manuals in Greek (or other languages), so that they can install the correct products on the correct doors
  2. clearly mark all items to be supplied so that the installers can cross reference their requirements with the above manuals
  3. supply the project manager with a manual for spot-checking – thus ensuring correct installation
  4. upon your request, set up and manage the clients ironmongery store (this incurs an additional cost to be advised upon request)

Our above services ensure the requirements of economy, security, fire safety and functionality for our client’s building will be met. From our experience we know that the above services are a valuable and professional way of dealing with this complex aspect of the execution of a large building.

Door Scheduling, HWE analysis and specification of door hardware are at the core of our company’s business. We have offered the above services to small and large projects in Cyprus and abroad – eg. Four Seasons Hotel (Limassol), Parklane Hotel (Limassol), Elysium Hotel (Paphos), University of Cyprus and University of Nicosia, Nicosia and Famagusta General Hospitals, St George Hospital (Beirut), Oberoi Hotel (Saudi Arabia) and many others. Our qualified team are fully conversant with current British and European Standards and our work is in accordance with UK’s Guild of Architectural Ironmongers’ best practice.
See our ironmongery scheduling example

Maintenance and Support

At A. Mastris Ltd., we pride ourselves in offering solutions that serve our customers for the long haul. To ensure our solutions stand the test of time, we provide high-quality after-sales maintenance and support services for everything we install, including:

• Dedicated training of our customers’ staff in the proper use and maintenance of our products upon installation
• A dedicated 24/7 telephone and remote support hotline
• On-site after-sales technical assistance by our certified technicians
• Maintenance and support contracts, offering a variety of benefits, such as:
• Free 24/7 telephone support
• Free call-out rates during working hours
• Reduced rates for after-hours call outs
• Significant discounts on spare parts
• Periodic maintenance visits throughout the year
• Annual technical trainings for customers’ staff


We are committed to offering our customers not just products, but complete solutions. Through our experienced technical team, including two engineers and four technicians, as well as through qualified sub-contractors, we offer certified installation services for our solutions, including the following product ranges:

  • ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Electronic Locking Systems (including retrofitting)
  • DORMA Huppe Movable Partition systems
  • Fitzpatrick metal doors
  • VISTA way-finding systems
  • HOYEZ partition systems
  • SPM-Gerflor wall and door protection bumpers

For Architects Only

If you are an architect and planning your new project, then our company is here to support you achieve the desired results. Our qualified team can organize from an ironmongery and door specification to a signage study improving this way your project's background.

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